Friday, November 28, 2008

Dealing with Time-Management

One of the advantages why work at home jobs are increasing nowadays is the ability to work anytime you want to because there's no boss who will scold you when you are late from work or if you do something which they don't like. Since working from home in an online business is rapidly growing, it is very important to manage your time in order to succeed with your work at home career.

If your income is dependent upon the financial success that you achieve online, it is absolutely imperative that you take the time to ensure that you are maximizing each and every minute of your working time.
There are plenty of ways to manage time while working online and I will going to list some important things to consider:
  • Don't turn on the computer! Before you start your day, make sure to prepare breakfast and eat first together with your family.
  • Take time to do the chores at home.
  • It's time to turn on the Computer.
  • Get Organized. It's much easier to accomplish tasks if your work area is organized.

  • List a to-do Lists. List tasks you must complete in order of priority, most important to least important.
  • Telephone calls.Refrain from answering phone calls, that is an interruption! Manage to set the answering machine of your telephone.
  • Take a break.Allocate 20 minutes of break.
  • Don't work too much.You need to have a balance between your work online and your family life.
  • Get Enough Sleep. Allocate enough time to rest and sleep.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Time management is important for everything you do, else 24 hrs a day will always be not enough.

  2. I understand what you are getting at. I like the idea of working at home on your own time.

    I guess the hardest time is trying to get everything together so that you can get things done. Haha, for me, I would have to say the hardest thing for me to do is stay on task, because there are soooo many little distractions.

  3. @Nix - Working really needs to have a time management.. If not, then everything will be a mess.. Because you could not do what will be the first thing to do..

    @Ryan - Little distractions can be a big problem.. So better to manage them..

  4. Hi, You have a nice blog. Keep it up.

    Being a management student itself, I believe time management should be the topmost priority for anyone who wants to succeed in the cut throat competition today. It is a must have skill !

  5. this is a cool blog, but why is the Alexa still low? because it is in blogspot??

  6. Ah yes the last point did refer to me.

    ''get some sleep''

    Its essential one should sleep so we are ready and refreashed to work again.

    Nice Blog !

  7. nice contribution.

    Thanks for the tips and getting sleep is essential.

  8. @IndianPie - Without management, everything will be messed up! So managing it properly is a must..

    @Roffi - Thanks for the support! I really don't know why it is still low in alexa.. maybe because this blog is still quite new...

    @Believer1984 - We really need to get some sleep! That is one thing to remember.. We could not concentrate to our work if we don't get enough rest and sleep.. By the way, thanks for the support! :)

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  10. Wow the site theme is kinda cutie, nice site. Maybe soon you can have your own domain name for this blog so that they can easily remember it. I started also before in blogger but now im in self hosted wordpress. Take care!

  11. @JeanPaul - thank you! :)

    @john lazy - I will going to use wordpress soon for sure.. Thanks again for dropping by!

  12. i am with you buddy. It really lot of comfirt working from home and advantages explained are real.

  13. hi..I slept early last night, too tired after being in front of the monitor since dawn. there goes time management. lol, really need help, i don't wanna turn into a FAT GEEK,(worst scenario) he he ..

  14. I've been trying to subtly suggest working from home one day a week. Come review time, I'm going to ask for that instead of a raise.

  15. Good idea about eating breakfast first and getting enough sleep too. I'm bad about both.

  16. Agree. Keep your priorities straight.

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