Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Data Entry Jobs

Here's another online job opportunity for you to work in the comfort of your home at your convenient time. Earn money from home without investment and be your own boss. You just need to have basic knowledge of computer and internet. Well, that simply means that anyone can do this work like those moms , unemployed dad, students/working students and those who have a regular jobs.

Data Entry workers help ensure the smooth and efficient handling of information. By keying in text, entering data into a computer and stuff to help organizations/companies save their time and money. Data entry and information processing workers are known by various titles namely word processors, typists, data entry keyers, electronic data processors, transcribers and etc.

Online data entry gives unprecedented productivity gains and better management of data, information and document. Although it don't really promise for you to be a millionaire, it still makes your living to be a comfortable one.

So i searched the net on sites where you can find Data Entry Jobs. Here are the list of the job opportunities that i found which has a top rated score and review from Consumerreports-online.org

1. Work at Home Data Entry

2. Online Data Entry Jobs

3. Work From Home Data Entry

Here's some few tips to REMEMBER before engaging to data entry employment

  • Brush up your typing skills
  • It is important to seek out a good service
  • Set up the right equipment (good internet connection and fast computer)
  • Handle the job professionally

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  1. there are lots of opportunities in this. digging to the right on give enormous chance to earn handsome money. Nice article

  2. Thank you admin for the support.. I am trying my best to be able to provide information about the opportunities on earning online..

  3. One must have several streams of income when deciding to make money online. Data entry is one definite choice as it does not rely on visitors, nor traffic, nor clicks. It is something many can do provided you remember the tips quoted above.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Thanks diTesco for that nice comment.. I agree with you, with that kind of job, you don't have to worry about visitors and traffic.

  5. I haven't done data entry jobs yet but i am considering the idea with the advantages that i might get.

    There are really lots of scams online so the better way is to look and read their reviews.

  6. This is really cool, I didn't know this stuff was legit - thanks for letting us know!

  7. You are very much welcome isolde.. =)

  8. I've never done data entry from home, but I've had temp jobs where that was my main function. While it sounds easy, it gets exhausting and I wouldn't recommend it for any long period of time.

  9. I haven't tried data entry too.. But it is just an opportunity for everyone.. They can try it if they like.. There's no harm in trying in the first place.. =)

  10. I have yet to find a work at home job. Most of them want you to pay for their service. That is not a job. I will check out your links and see if they are a possibility. Thanks

  11. i always wonder if these job postings are legit or not.

  12. @Christina, First thing to remember when doing online job, don't ever pay to get the work.. That is one thing i realized when i engaged into money making online.. Although i don't have much experience yet but reading reviews helped a lot..

    @Cady, There are legitimate jobs online.. Though, there are really scams, one thing to make sure is to read reviews first before jumping off..

  13. Legit work at home jobs are hard to come by. I think the best ones are the freelance writing and reviewing products.


  14. I have read the first website of the three you gave and it seems that you need to pay a small fee.

    Kal El


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