Monday, November 10, 2008

Compilation of PTC News/ Updates (updated)

December 20, 2008

Neobux - I received my first payment instantly.

Dingobux - they are moving servers.

December 15, 2008

I was so busy these past few weeks so it took me a bit longer to post new updates.

Buxout - is closed!

Their message - "We apologize for closing, but we paid out all our capital and revenue has drastically slowed down over the past month. We are afraid we do not have the resources to continue running the site."

November 27, 2008

Smithbux - under maintenance

PTCNation - they have a newer version (v2.0)

5ivebux - their forum is back

FyiuBux - not recommended. uses default script

November 24, 2008

Dailycent - alertpay instant cashout available.

- paypal instant cashout is back

Futurebux - do not allow members from China or Asia

November 20, 2008

Adandel - the domain has been disabled

IslandClicks - the site is down

5ivebux - forum removed

SandraClicks - Sandra died (read the post in their forum for the details)

November 16, 2008

5ivebux - has been moved to a new server

- back with new owners.

- you can get premium membership for one month

Adandel - their forum is shut down

SandraClicks - it is back

Occupex - missing payments complaints

Earn10bux - only premium members get paid instantly

Clean-Invest - under construction

Performancebux - new server is up

November 10, 2008

- New payment terms in their TOS

5ivebux - The site transferred to another owner and is down at the moment

Sandraclicks - Down for maintenance

Seven-bux - Paypal payouts is lowered to 50 cents and Alertpay is at $2

November 06, 2008

BuxP - update the Browse Ads and Browse Offers page.

You can easily know the ad status in browse ads page by looking at the color of the symbol before the ads.

Image means you have not clicked nor completed the ad.
Image means you are viewing the ad
Image means you have completed the ad for today.

New and a better scripts in Browse Offers Page.

Baybux - paypal option canceled. They will pay now via alertpay

November 03, 2008

Seven-bux - The site has a new owner.

- I joined this site but from the day that i joined until this very day, still no available ads to click and also the forum is unavailable. Their reason is they are testing some functionality.

5ivebux - Could not access to the site.

Kooplinks - They already have instant payout. Receive the payout request via alertpay instantly.

SandraClicks - Surf ads updated

October 31, 2008

Buxout - the new version of Buxout officially launches. Buxout V2, with a new and friendly user design.

Some added things:

1) PayPal was introduced as a purchase option, only to upgrade to premium and purchase advertising packs for the moment

2) You can replace multiple referrals at the same time now

3.)You can choose to show your username in your profile settings,

Islandclicks - For the few days, there was a problem accessing the site for the very main reason that they moved to a new and better server.

BuxP - New features added to the site.

1.) You will be able to buy and click on 5 and 45 second advertisements.

With 5 second ads - Price: $2.5/1000 Member Visits
Standard users will earn $0.001/$0.0005
Premium users will earn $0.002/0.001

With 45 second ads - Price: $10/1000 Member Visits
Standard users will earn $0.006/$0.003
Premium users will earn $0.011/$0.006

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