Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I've tackled already in my previous post about Affiliate Marketing. This time, I will try to broaden the topic.

The idea of Affiliate Marketing is selling someone else' products and earn commissions for every sale or every lead. It simply mean sharing venture between a merchant and an affiliate website.

For many online opportunities, this is a great way to earn some extra money without actually doing anything. All it involves is placing an ad and just wait for profits to roll in.

So why should you consider it as a way to make extra money? Here, I build a few list of benefits of Affiliate Marketing.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • You can easily join affiliate network in just a matter of minutes
  • You can join network of affiliates that allows access to numerous merchants and a multitude of sales items
  • It allows you to work from home
  • Make money 24 hours a day

A few have found luck earning regular income as affiliates to
Top Large Affiliate Programs:

Commission Junction





Things YOU should know to succeed in Affiliate Marketing:

*Choose a Market within your Niche

Choose a topic area and focus your attention on the niche you are into for the resources of consumers. You should choose a niche market of products, services and information that you will provide.

*Pick the Best Affiliate Programs

Do not simply sign up for the for any affiliate programs. Spend some time researching the available affiliate programs. Create a list of affiliate programs that offer products relevant to your website.

*Create Great Content

Content is really the king! Creating content that your target customers want, you will establish an audience that is interested in what you have to say and what your have to sell.


You should always keep track on what is going on. What items are selling and which are not.

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  1. Content is King is embedded into my brain. LOL Great post on the subject. I learned a few new things too.

  2. Great contents creates many benefits.. Glad to hear that you learned new things here Karen..

  3. You expose me more links about monetizing the blog.

    sweet post.

  4. You are welcome haziqruzaini.. :)

  5. Out of topic. Andun ka pala sa Nuffnang? OMG! Sino ka dun? Andun ako eh :)

  6. The first month I started doing affiliate marketing, I made just over $80 and I didn't do anything other than drop some links into pages I already had. I keep track of which networks and merchants do the best for my audience. So far, ShareASale has performed the best, but that may be just because I've utilized more of thier services.

  7. This is another way to earn money from blogging besides GoogleAdsense
    Thanks a lot for your complete affiliate lists
    Perhaps I'll use of of them in the near future hehe...

  8. Great info, I'm interested in this affiliate program as an alternative beside AdSense
    Maybe I will use this program in the near future thx...

  9. @earthlingorgeous, wala aQ sa Nuffnang Ms. Earth..

    @cchiovitti, Good for you!:)

    @Darmawan, You are very much welcome to come back here anytime you like.. Thanks for the support!

  10. I am glad to share some valuable information Iceman.. Thanks for dropping by..

  11. well truly, this is a great way to educate the beginners who are willing to join affiliate marketing, but before you join an affiliate network, make sure you have done a substantial research on it and can further elaborate about it in your next post.

  12. I have done some looking into affiliate marketing, in fact, I have some links set up on a couple of Squidoo lenses...but, I'm finding I need to have traffic, looking for what I'm get them to not only 'click thru'..but to buy what they've clicked thru to.

  13. @lalita, I haven't done affiliate marketing yet but i am looking forward to be working on that.. Thanks for the comment by the way..

    @Charlene, you are right! there should a good and decent traffic first..

  14. Thank you for sharing, it's very useful to hear from others what works for them!

  15. You are very much welcome Daria.. It's good to hear how these works for others..

  16. I've dabbled in affiliate marketing, but haven't had much success. I don't think my heart is in it. Haha.

  17. Affiliate marketing can be very competitive depending on what you are focusing on. Lots of folks prefer it to working a home based company since there is no team to manage. Both can be hugely successful!

  18. money money's so funny..~.~ (abba)

  19. I've found the best affiliate marketing that works for me matches what my blog content is. Writing about the products and not just putting up banners helps too.

  20. You're missing one of the best ones in your list. PepperJam Network!

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  22. I haven't had any luck with affiliate marketing at all for two years now so I basically gave up on it.

  23. This is a great list of affiliates. I'm going to check Amazon out.

    Thanks for the info,

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