Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Earn from Social Networking - MyLot

Another money making opportunity online, MYLOT

What is MYLOT?

It's unique and fun online discussion/community/forum where you can meet new friends from all over the world discussing topics of everyday life. A place where members talk about and share the same interests. Talk about sports, ask questions regarding politics, economy, relationship, money, fashion, hobbies, get advices and just anything that people want to talk about. To sum it up, MyLot is a place where people all over the world interact and start discussions about just anything.

Once you set up your profile and tell MyLot about your interests, you can join in all of the discussions going on in various categories. You can start by looking at the days most popular discussions or most recent discussions or you can view the discussions that match your personal interests.

Now, the question would be -
How to earn money from MyLot?

By using myLot, you already gain income from it. They pay you for your posts! Earn for a new discussion that you started or for posting/responding to a current discussion, participate in other acitivities they have just like photo voting and by referring new friends.

When you refer new members, you get a bonus equal to 25% of their earnings. MyLot doesnt take that percentage out of the members’ earnings, but pays you the bonus directly for your referrals.

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  1. Mylot is a pretty cool social network. I'm a member there as well and have stayed up many late nights on there. Wide variety of topics to socialize within. Good luck with it.

  2. I'm also a member of MyLot. I just received my payment the other day and I've posted it on my blog. :)

  3. Thanks for posting. I have never heard of MyLot before, but it sounds great based on your post and the 2 comments above mine.

  4. I've never tried it but I'm going to have to take a look. Thanks!

  5. I was on MyLot before. If you are the type who likes forums, etc, and likes to hang out on sites like Yahoo Answers...and its just a bonus that you get paid two cents for your two cents..then go for it.

    But, if you are expecting to make tons of cash from chit chatting you won't. You will make a little tiny bit which is worth it if you like to answer questions and chat anyhow...then maybe its worth it


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