Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Successful Online Job Search

The internet has changed the way job search and job hunting is done. Over the past decade there has been a gradual transition from manual employment searching to online job search. Job seekers feel more comfortable with online search engines because of the scalability they have. However while searching a job online it is good to follow certain procedures to make your ultimate goal of job hunting successful.

Make an online version of your resume.
Online job sites will ask you to type your resume into an online form, or attach your resume as a plain-text document. You should have a plain-text resume available, because you won’t want to re-type it for each position you apply for.

Create a Killer Resume. Your resume is what presents you to your employer. Your resume is as important as a profile for a company. You must take the time to create a resume that makes you stand out from the crowd. Try to be very specific in your resume, as employers would not read through all the details in your resume. Highlight whatever you feel that could add strength to your resume. Try to add good references in your resume.

Create a good cover letter. You must have a cover letter that exhibits your attitude. As a job seeker you must exhibit your positive attitude and discipline in your cover letter. Try to be as polite as possible.

Multiple Resumes. It is better to have multiple resumes. You may prepare a resume specifically for a software engineer job and another one specifically for a call center job. You must target your resume to the employer.

Guard your personal info. No matter what job site you use, never post personal contact info such as your home phone number or address online. A good online job site will allow you to keep this information hidden, or allow employers to access only your email address.

If you don’t hide your personal info, it’s not only the crazies you have to watch out for. True, somebody could decide to prank-call your phone number at two in the morning. But the biggest danger is identity theft. These thieves look for personal information online wherever they can get it, and the last thing you should do is give them anything they can use.

Searching for a Job. When searching for a job online, you need to find a job search engine that is reliable and that would help you achieve your ultimate goal of job search. Visit usjobcareer and register as a job seeker. USJobCareer is a reliable and job seeker friendly search engine designed with job seekers in mind.

Choose the positions you apply to carefully. Online job sites give you access to hundreds or even thousands of positions. But that doesn’t mean you should be applying to all of them. Most job search experts will tell you to apply to a few well-suited positions rather than blasting your resume far and wide. Recruiters don’t appreciate receiving resumes that have little to do with their positions, and you don’t want to get a reputation as a resume spammer.

Instead, choose a handful of positions to apply for. Write an individual cover letter for each, and edit your resume to suit each job. You may get seen by fewer employers, but you’ll have a much better chance at landing the job.

Keep your online reputation professional. Recruiters, human resources managers, and employers regularly do online searches to screen potential employees. They may love your resume, but if their online search of your name digs up pictures of you doing keg stands in college or a blog ranting about your last employer, they may decide to look elsewhere. It may not be fair, but employers do judge you on these things.

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  1. I believe most of the job hunting done by companies is online. So if you are looking for a first job or wanting to make a switch first thing you need to do is prepare a resume and post it online.

  2. Good advice, especially with how many people are looking for jobs these days!!!

  3. hey bhing, great article! some really helpful tips here! i posted this blog post on my forums so i can share it :) hope you dont mind, thanks again, william

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