Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I really don't have an idea on where are the best place to put the ads in my blogs so I searched and I found an article from google adsense which is very helpful.

Google Adsense Support

The best location for Google ads varies from page to page, depending on content. Here are a few questions to ask yourself w
hen considering where to position your ads:

  • What is the user trying to accomplish by visiting my site?
  • What do they do when viewing a particular page?
  • Where is their attention likely to be focused?
  • How can I integrate ads into this area without getting in the users' way?
  • How can I keep the page looking clean, uncluttered and inviting?

Certain locations tend to be more successful than others. This "heat map" illustrates the ideal placing on a sample page layout. The colors fade from dark orange (strongest performance) to light yellow (weakest performance). All other thing being equal ads located above the fold tend to perform better than those below the fold. Ads placed near rich content and navigational aids usually do well because users are focused on those areas of a page.

While this heat map is useful as a positioning guideline, we strongly recommend putting your users first when deciding on ad location. Think about their behavior on different pages, and what will be most useful and visible to them. You'll find that the most optimal ad position isn't always what you expect on certain pages.

For example, on pages where users are typically focused on reading an article, ads placed directly below the end of the editorial content tend to perform very well. It's almost as if users finish reading and ask themselves, "What can I do next?" Precisely targeted ads can answer that question for them.

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  1. I would think the ads would be best placed so they are visible to the related content. Whatever is best for the advertiser w/the ad and people who are looking for something. I agree it should be uncluttered so everything is easy to read and the person's eye is able to catch it.

  2. when i had adsense on my blog, i put it on the sidebar. what i don't like is when people put them in individual posts. it deters me from wanting to read what they have to say.

  3. I have seen this before and it does work as explained. The most successful ads would be the ones that will be visible to the readers immediately.

  4. The best ads tend to be embedded into the text, sometimes fooling the reader into think they're a part of the article

    I, however, should take my own advice

  5. I have not seen that layout before and it is something I will look at for mine.

  6. Heyyyy awesome post!

    I love the layout.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and actually that's not true! Anyone can join. It's just that members from the Philipines won't have as much offers but they can also do the referral program.. and you're already awesome at that part.

    I wish you'd look into it.. there's alot to be earned ;)

    Please use the banner on my page if you decide to sign up :) I'll appreciate it much!

    I'll also send you tips on how I've been doing it!! Get back to me if you wanna sign up. I'll show you how! :)


  7. My eye has been trained to glaze over the adsense ads no matter where they are. I probably miss some great deals.

  8. If you don't mind me relating this to your ad placement, I have to say I don't like the large text ad right above your post.

    If it was a picture ad and perhaps wider and didn't take up so much room above the fold I think it would be much more attractive :)

    That's my 2 cents for the day!

  9. I prefer ads in the sidebar. I don't like them in the post, because I don't want anything to distract the reader. It should be your content that prompted them to visit, not what they can buy!

  10. We have never use the ads yet, but it is a great post for us to think about!! Thanks for sharing!
    Your FL furiends,

  11. bhing...hi...i'm andin from indonesia
    you are very smart .. you can make a good blog .. you can teach me?

  12. PPuting adsense on a particular location can do no help when you do not have enough traffic, the best way is to concentrate in creating unique.

  13. I came back to make sure I understood the layout!

  14. Thanks for the info. Makes sense. Kissed!

  15. Interesting I don't use google adsense. but could you give me advise about my blog. it is ok to join google adsense?

  16. Good read. I'm using it and have trouble adding it to the site, because I don't like ads myself. But I DO like revenue, so that's a problem.

    I have to find the balance between effective advertising and non-annoying post-related ads

  17. great info bhing...God Bless....

  18. I've been thinking of moving around my ads just to see if anything changes. One is way to far out of the way. This post was very handy for me.

  19. so where should i place mine? mine is mostly wedding and misc stuff. to be honest, i'm not even sure if i set up my adsense correctly lol. help!


    "cady said...

    when i had adsense on my blog, i put it on the sidebar. what i don't like is when people put them in individual posts. it deters me from wanting to read what they have to say.
    March 11, 2009 2:50 PM"

    Well Cady, the whole point of the Adsense is to relate possible customers with offers that they want. If you just put the code in the sidebar then you are more then likely not serving the purpose of the Ad. If done right, using the example given above, the ads can be placed into the article with very little to no obtrusion to the reader (i.e. potential customer).

  21. I am going to give it a try. I have been playing around lots and it's tough getting the CTR up without making our readers upset.

  22. i own several web pages and i do make quite few greenish material once in a while with AdSense. I hope i will increase that amount after reading this. Thanks.


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