Monday, April 6, 2009


I was blog walking when I found a blog post which talked about a forum which pay their members for participating. What caught my interest was the screen shot of the payment. So I read the whole post and I clicked a link there which sent me to a forum.

I decided to join and so far my earning is quite okay. I am not saying that you will get rich from this, but a little money makes a big difference. I haven't request a payout yet because I want to earn more first.

You will get paid to post in
Build-Reciprocal-links or BRL forum. BRL is one of the new Paid To Post Webmaster Discussion Forum which includes Marketing Concept, Link Exchange, SEO, Service provider & requester, Marketing Place and General Discussion.

You will get paid via Paypal when you reach BRL$200 = $2.20. You can Earn corresponding BRL$ by starting a new thread, posting a reply on existing threads or even for starting a poll and even referring other members. 1 BR$ is equivalent to 0.011 USD approximately.

Visit here to see the complete list of how much you will gonna earn in the forum.

If you want to see payment proofs, then take a look at here.

As soon as you register, you will receive a sign up bonus.

If you are planning to JOIN, just click this HERE

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  1. There are many forums that share a part of adsense revenue with its members and it is a good way to make money with adsense as most of these forums get huge traffic every single day.

  2. This is the first time I heard about paid for post in a forum. I wondered when they are going to pay us for opening up a browser.

  3. Thanks for the nice sharing.

  4. The fact that we actually get paid for posting is very tempting.I'll give it a try.

  5. It's so nice that we can be paid for posting.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.


  6. sis u got a really informative.... will try this to start earning

  7. well nice info for us. i will it out .

  8. it's cool!

    have to try it. thanks 4 sharing! =)

    oh yeah. i had put your link in my lobg. tq.

  9. Hi
    Its a good info. thx for sharing
    > btw, thank for coming at my blog
    If you don't mind pls add my YM ID:


  10. Never heard of this, but I'm going to check it out. thanks for the tip!

  11. i'm gonna jump to that site...thanks for the idea..

  12. Well, went and registered! I will try anything once! I will let you know how it goes! Have a great day!

  13. posting in forums with your site's link in your signature is a great way to receive traffic. what more if you get paid posting? very nice indeed. thanks for sharing, i'll use your referral id to register. :)

  14. Hi Bhing. I want to give this program a try. Who knows, 'di ba?

  15. Hello all,I have another uk forum where they pay member $0.10 pound per post.

    Please visit my blog for more information..thanks.

  16. Already have seen at

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