Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is just an update to my previous post about my payment from Text Link Ads. Since I couldn't cash out the check to the Bank, I sent an e-mail to them to cancel the check and just add my money to my current earning. They replied that they can do it but then they will gonna send through check the next time I reached the payout again. Since there's still issues with my paypal account, I asked my friend a favor to use her paypal and she said yes.

Two days after, I received an e-mail from them telling me that they already sent my funds to paypal.

Here are the screen shot of the payments received:

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  1. congrats man.... keep on posting such things...

    you inspire a lot of bloggers.. out here...


  2. Hey Bhing Congratz again!! Keep it up! Wish I could also earn somehow.. :)

  3. wow galing! congrats! hope i could learn from i am having problems with my blog...i don't have much reader anymore since i switched to a self-hosted blog (sigh)

  4. i've tried to register with text-linkads when started blogging..after 3 mths blogging,tried again and still not accepted..

  5. I also join this program
    But till now I never receive any ads offers from it

  6. wow congrats friends
    good paymentproof

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