Monday, July 6, 2009


Well, I received the payment from Mypage5 the last time but I wasn't able to find time to post the payment proof. Good thing I was able to find time today!

I reached the minimum payout which is $50 on the last week of April. I immediately sent a request to admin regarding my earning and he replied that they will process it and it might take longer because there are a lot who are scheduled to get paid.. I received my payment on June.

My total earning was supposed to be $77 but then due to inactive referral, I got deducted by admin.

The payment proof is below:

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  1. Good to you bhing... Talagsa naman lagi ka mag-update sa imong blog?

    Take care...

  2. wow...i'm impressed with you. you're a really bright girl to earn so much online ^_^

  3. I found your post informative , helpful and easy to digest.
    You have got my best recommendation on this. Keep this coming!

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