Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earn More Bucks From PALMBUX

Another PTC site that i've came across with. It is just like Neobux which is a very legitimate PTC site. I've earned $0.588 so far in PalmBux. I will surely going to post the screen shot here in case i will receive my first payment.

PalmBux is a paid to click site. It is a privately registered company, so I am unable to find information on the owner. Members are able to click ads (usually 6 – 10 per day), and they generate revenue from those clicks. Or, an advertiser can purchase click packages that will pay the members to view their websites.

PalmBux states that you can earn up to .02 cents for your personal clicks and up to .01 for your referrals clicks. But, these earning amounts vary according to your membership level. A standard (free) member makes .008 for every personal click and .005 for every referral click. The pay range builds up seven levels to the maximum, each pro level adds additional benefits. But, once you have met the minimum payout level, you can receive your payment via Paypal or Alertpay instantly. The payout levels vary,starting at $2 for your first one and then go to $4, $6, up until you reach the $8 level. Then $8 becomes your standard payout level from then on.


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  1. I have tried this PTC programs once but to me they are sorry to say waste of time!

    Since how much you can make per click?
    I would rather sell affiliate products or products of my own instead.


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