Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Earn Money with Squidoo?

Squidoo is pretty much like another typical blog site ' you sign up for free, choose your website (lens) title, and then you are able to upload content to your page. You can place advertisements on your page, and these adverts can be used to earn you money.

So, how can you earn from using Squidoo? Here's an instructions from eHow


1. Choose a topic for your lens. You can make a lens on just about topic you can imagine! Are you a successful entrepreneur? Make a lens about it! Would you like to tell the world about your favorite brand of laundry detergent? Make a lens about it! Do you collect Webkinz? Yes you can even make a lens about that! As you can see the topics are endless and you can build as many lenses as you like!

2. Name your lens. You will want to name your lens something that represents what your topic is.

3. Write an article about your topic. Keep it simple because you can always add more later. You will be taking this article and adding a different paragraph to each section (called a module) of your lens.

4. Monetize your lens. Squidoo has different modules built in that allow you to sell products. These don't have to be your products, you can add products from Amazon and eBay and Squidoo will split the profits with you. You can also add your own products or affiliate products to earn additional income.

5. Market your lens. By getting targeted traffic to your lens you are more likely to turn visitors into buyers.

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  1. There are many ways where in you can earn online and squidoo is one of them. It's good that you share information on how you can earn though squidoo. That would be a help for others.

  2. very informative post!.................thanx


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