Friday, February 19, 2010

Update: UpBux Versus Paypal

The UpBux website is CLOSED. I am not sure if this will be for the meantime or what, i am just so sad because i was about to cashout my earning on the site. I am not really sure the reason why Paypal did not communicate with UpBux regarding on the limitation but i am still HOPING that the limitation will be lifted as soon as possible.

Here's the letter from Admin of UpBux that they posted in their forum.

Dear Members,

We want to speak the truth to you.

PayPal limited our account, and after 5 days without sleep and many phone calls

We have not received a single answer, no reason for the limitation of our account.

Our team has worked very hard during these 4 months, day and night to bring a confident and happy environment for our members.

And I see that all you have always supported us. Unfortunately now that decision is no longer in our hands.

I did the impossible and what was in my power so that we can follow with UpBux, but despite all of our efforts, it seems impossible to fight with this great Mafia perhaps one of the largest in America.

They limit our account and about 85% of all our funds were in our PayPal account.

Then it has become became impossible to continue.

You can read more about the information about the letter that the Admin posted in the forum in this link - The True Face Of Paypal

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