Monday, April 26, 2010

Make Money Using Youtube

There are many ways for us to earn online and Youtube is not an exemption. Most of us do enjoy watching videos, upload and download videos. But don't you know that we can earn from that? Yes, we can.

Here are some ways on how you can earn using Youtube.

Add Premium Partner's Videos on Your Blog or Site.

If you have an Adsense account, log in and get the code for ‘video units’. You can create a YouTube Video Player and customise it according to various categories, key words, and content providers.

Run affiliate ads on YouTube videos.

Provide regular quality video content.

Perhaps, you can become a ‘premium’ publisher and Google will split ad revenues with you.

Start a video blog or site that features various YouTube content.

These blogs and sites can be anything from cute animal videos to craft tutorials. Then, run relevant ads and affiliate programmes on your blog or site.

Accept direct ads on your YouTube content.

If you upload your own videos on a regular basis and you have a decent following, you might want to accept ads on your videos.

Enrich your sales using YouTube videos.

If you sell an item on an online shop and you are able to compliment your listings with YouTube videos, then it will be useful. Also, you can link to your sales page on your YouTube. This might help bring video viewers to visit your sales page.

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  1. Great Tip you have there. I bet everybody would love to try it and make money online like we do.

  2. Well this sound great, I will try it. Thx for it.

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