Sunday, June 6, 2010

ADGITIZE - Phase 2 of Summer Promotion

I have checked my adgitize account and i've seen their new reports and it seems that they have a lot of new stuff. Their new summer promotion is very interesting. Try to read the information below:


Adgitize is rolling out phase 2 of our summer promotion. This will reward advertisers and clickers scoring over 200 points a day. Any day you score 100 click points and 100 advertiser points and score over 200 points then you will earn a minimum of 34 cents a day.

Members that score over 200 points in a day and have 100 click points on that day you will earn a minimum of 15 cents a day.

You will earn 20 cents minimum a day if you score 100 advertiser points in a single day and your total points exceed 200 points that day.

You will see this on your earnings report beginning on June 3rd, 2010. This summer promotion bonus will be guaranteed through July 31st, 2010. With the expectation that we will continue to run the program because it is successful in bringing new advertisers into the Adgitize Ad Network.

Adgitize is rewarding advertisers and clickers this summer to help you earn more money. Make sure you get your share.

Source: Phase 2 of Summer Promotion

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