Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making Money Online - Lessons to Learn

When you entered the world of Internet marketing and chose to make money from home, you know for a fact that there are important lessons to learn and things to keep in mind. These lessons may last as long as you are making money online. Sure enough, there will be more new lessons to learn and understand that will come your way. After all, the Internet is at an ever-changing pace every time so that’s quite expected. Just make sure you still remember those basic lessons including these three:

It could be that you are already tired of listening to people saying or articles emphasizing, “Do your homework!” But you shouldn’t forget that research plays a key role in one’s online career. Come to think of it. Back in those days where you are in school, if you don’t do your homework well and very often, you don’t learn enough and if that happens, you are most likely to fail your schooling. Exactly the same thing goes with home-based businesses.

Furthermore, doing research once in a while helps you gather useful information and perhaps new Internet marketing lessons to learn that will prove beneficial in your online career in the long run. There are decisions to make every now and then as you make money from home and some of those decisions are difficult. Here’s something top ponder on: how would you come up with a wise decision if you are lacking of knowledge and experience?

Of course, if there are fraudulent activities in the physical world, what more online wherein the power of anonymity can be used and enjoyed by everybody? This is just one of the many reasons why you have to be careful with your dealings via the Internet. You never know. A tempting and juicy work form home business opportunity may just be another hideous scam in disguise. These scammers show no mercy and will rip you off of your hard-earned cash whenever they have the opportunity. So don’t ever give them that chance and that satisfaction.

Doing your homework may help you avoid these so-called threats online. It’s quite true when people say that knowledge is power. Use that power to shield you from such nuances and troublemakers as you make money from home.

If you are a newbie and you have many questions at hand, you can search for the answers by either doing your homework or asking someone from your online connections who you feel can help you with those inquiries of yours. Some folks are quite hesitant to ask questions because they may think that doing so is a stupid thing. Don’t think like that. You are here to learn so that you can make money from home. It’s natural for someone like you to have such questions. What’s not good is if you keep asking the same questions over and over again. That is an indication that you didn’t listen and didn’t bother to learn the first time around.

Those are the three important lessons to learn as you make money from home. Perhaps there are more that you should know and uncover but understanding these three is already a good start. So take out your notes and jot these down.

Source: 3 Important To Learn As You Make Money From Home


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Monday, July 12, 2010

PalmBux' new 3-step program

Dear member,

Today we will explain you all the details about the cash flow regulation and our 3-step program to get instant cashouts back.

1. Chapter
Let's begin with the cash flow regulation.
I think almost all of you noticed this information in our cashout system.
Payment processors are deactivated some times and cashout is very hard.

We started this system in the past because of 2 things:

* because of new restrictions in the Anti-Money Laundering Act which affected our business
* and to keep PalmBux stable

Many of you complain about this system and want instant cashouts back.
Yes, we could offer instant cashouts again but then we maybe had to disable PayPal as a payment processor and have to set higher fees for AlertPay due to tax laws.
Because of those things we cooperated with PayPal and build the cash flow regulation.

The cash flow regulations got 2 simple phases:

* At first it detects all payments from the last day
* At second it builds a cumulative amount of all payments and cashouts from the last week

Then it creates also a arithmetic average.
At last the total amount of cashouts for the actual day will be calculated with those 2 variables.

That's it !

Another point is that some of you still compare us with other sites out there and their cashout behaviour etc.
Please, we're not them. We're much bigger, trust me - and because of that size we got other tax restrictions and management values.

Sometimes it happens that you get into the cashout system but it makes loops over and over again. The you got wrong informations in your cookies and the cashout wont work for you in that day. Just keep your cache and cookies clear and try the next day.

Next thing is, please stop complaining in the forum, tickets or via pm.
As of now we wont accept spam about cashouts.

2. Chapter
Okay, now you know everything about the cash flow regulation.
But is this information REALLY important?
No, because cashouts will be instant again.
And to get instant cashouts back we will implement 3 simple things:

* a advertising fee
* a new rent & direct referral system
* a new technical support

Today we introduce you the advertising fee.

This fee is to keep our advertising system stable.
It works very simple:
We will deduct a fee of 10% when you cashout via PayPal and a fee of 16% when you cashout via AlertPay. With that deducted amount we offer you ads to view - simple right ?!

Because i already thought about your reactions to the size of this fee i can tell you one thing: Just calculate your earnings, deduct the fees and compare the net amount with other sites and you will see that your earnings are still the highest in here.

Also think of your investment. Would it be better to get short money and we would close or do you want a good permanent income over life? I think the second one is much more attractive.

In the next months we will reduce this fee for sure, so dont worry.

Just keep faith into PalmBux and our team.
See our site stats and be fascinated of our success we have because of YOU.
And trust me there will be so much other things in the next which are really exciting like a big football world championship contest.
We hope all of you like itWink

Best regards,
yours Palmbux team.

SOURCE: PalmBux' New 3-step program / News about Cashflow


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Saturday, July 3, 2010

June Payment From Text-Link-Ads (TLA)

As the first day of July starts, i received another payment from Text-Link-Ads (TLA). This is the payment from my June earning. I earned just by doing nothing actually. Isn't is cool? Yes, it is cool! So why don't you try and join the program? Just make sure that you have a blog with a good page rank.

Anyway, if you want to earn from it then you better join this program. How? All you have to do is visit my Forex Trading Guide Blog and click on the TLA (Text-Link-Ads) Banner. It is located in the 2nd column (middle part).


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