Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BRL (Webmaster Forum) : I got PAID Again

This is the 6th time that i received another payment from a get to paid forum which is BRL or the Webmaster Forum. I don't have much time to log in to the site so i don't earn a lot the last couple of months. The last few weeks i was trying to be active in the site again like almost everyday and decided to request for a payout. The forum is getting strict now because they will going to deduct the BRL $ when a member is not getting active in the site to stay away from scammers and spammers. So before i receive a lot of deductions, i decided to request the payment as soon as i reached the payout.

Anyway, here's the payment proof:

If interested to join, click HERE

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  1. I haven't come across this concept of getting paid to contribute to a forum before. How does it work and is there a basic level of payment I should be looking out for?

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