Thursday, September 30, 2010

3rd Payment From Microworkers

For the 3rd time around, i received $45.15 as my 3rd payment from Microworkers. I should say that it's a good way to earn a little money because their jobs there are just easy to do like sign ups, blog commenting, writing an article, digg or any social bookmarking and etc.

Here's the screen shot of the payment:

So if you are interested to JOIN,


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Payment from onBux

When i reached the minimum payout which is only $2.00, i decided not to request because it is still a very small amount, i waited till it increases each day. Yesterday, it went up to $4.19 and decided to request for the payout. There was a transfer charge which cost me $0.08 so when i just received $4.11 only. This is my first payment from this site and i should say that this site is legitimate! The payout is instant! I received my payment after requesting it.

The screen shot is below:

If you want to JOIN: Just click HERE


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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

17th Payment From Text-Link-Ads (TLA)

Honestly, i still couldn't imagine that i just received my 17th payment from Text-Link-Ads. I mean, I really didn't do anything with it but every month i received a payment of $4.00 from them. That is just a little amount but hey if you will have to compute from the first month that i received a payment from them until now, that is a total amount of $68. That is quite good already. This is the only program aside from Google Adsense that i've been with ever since i started blogging.

Anyway, if you want to earn from it then you better join this program. How? All you have to do is visit my Forex Trading Guide Blog and click on the TLA (Text-Link-Ads) Banner. It is located in the 2nd column (middle part).


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