Tuesday, October 12, 2010

18th Payment From Text-Link-Ads (TLA)

It is really great to receive $4 every month from Text-Link-Ads. This time around, i just got my 18th payment.

Here's the screen shot of my payment:

Anyway, if you want to earn from it then you better join this program. How? All you have to do is visit my Forex Trading Guide Blog and click on the TLA (Text-Link-Ads) Banner. It is located in the 2nd column (middle part).


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Saturday, October 2, 2010

1st payment From Neobux (New Account)

If you remembered it very well, my neobux account got suspended the last time for the reason that I didn't know. So I created a new account and now after a month, i received my first payment from Neobux.

My earning went to $ 2.58. The minimum payout is $2.00 so i requested a payout and due to the payment fee, i received only $2.53.

If you want to be a member, just CLICK JOIN


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